Sunday, February 12, 2012

I hate McDonalds on Costa Verde

We are too many people on Costa Verde who studies on UCSD Extension. And in general when we go out, we also need to eat something after. Generrally we ate pizza on Gaslamp Pizza (not the best but still god) or a burger on Burger Lounge.

And the last option is going to McDonalds near Costa Verde. But we have a big problem they don`t allow you to buy something without a car after 00:00 which is so funny. I go there beacuse of I drink some and want to eat and sleep, it means that I can`t drive... But they insist people to come with car. How it is possible ? It is encourage people to drive with alcohol...

I wrote this because it happens me several times. Sometimes I took my car and sometimes girls are request politely and they accept (but they just accept girls request!!). And as i was searching on web, I found that picture was a great idea. I am also planning to make one of these cars, maybe finally I can order without any problem... What do you think ?

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